The PosiSchools Program

The PosiSchools program is designed by leading wellbeing education and mental health experts and draws on a range of human sciences including wellbeing and learning sciences. PosiSchools provides evidence-based strategies, skills, and knowledge that help students navigate life more effectively. The content is designed to be adaptable for students with varying capabilities and challenges.

How does the program work?

The program consists of 21 days of activities, delivered in short, bite-sized sessions. It takes 21 days to form a habit so we’re doing just that – helping to build healthy habits! The content is ready-made for teachers to bring fun and inspiration to the classroom.

How is the program delivered?

The sessions are designed to be delivered by the classroom teacher. Don’t worry though, there is minimal preparation required – we’ve done the hard work for you! The program consists of daily worksheets and activities which are downloadable from the online portal, as well as videos to watch from each of our ambassadors.

How is the program structured?

Primary school grades 1 through to 6 will each complete a different element of the program. The modules for each grade are as follows:

Grade 1 – Gratitude 

Grade 2 – Curiosity 

Grade 3 – Connection

Grade 4 – Caring

Grade 5 – Mindset

Grade 6 – Mindfulness 

How can my school get involved?

For the price of a pair of Posisocks per student, your school can get access to this program for 2022 – which includes a pair of Posisocks for every participating student and teacher.

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Program timings

Schools have until 24th June to register to the program for 2022. The program will be ready to deliver in Term 4 of this year.

What are the benefits in doing the program?

The PosiSchools’ program is designed to provide students with valuable skills to kickstart positive habits for life!

By participating you are not just setting your child up for a successful future but you are also directly impacting the wider community!

  • For every pair of socks provided through PosiSchools, a pair of socks will also be given to someone of the homeless community – through our partner Pass it On Clothing & Co.
  • In addition, for every participating student, $1 will be donated to support Indigenous schools and communities.

What’s included?

  • 21 days of high-impact sessions for students,
  • Special PosiSchools’ Posisocks for every participating student and classroom teacher,
  • Videos from leading Australian athletes and program ambassadors: Trent Cotchin, Ash Barty and Sam Willoughby,
  • Your school will be directly supporting homeless and Indigenous causes across Australia – just through participating in the program,
  • Opportunities to win further exciting initiatives for your school with our Ambassadors! 

The Science

Professor Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology and human flourishing, suggests that wellbeing is cultivated by the presence in our lives of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment. This framework is often referred to as ‘PERMA’.

Many also believe (ourselves included) that your Health is one of the key factors of wellbeing. So, we’ve added Health to Martin’s framework, making it ‘PERMAH’.

Positive Emotions






PosiSchools Posisocks

Posisocks came from the idea that putting your socks on every morning is one of the most common routines we all have. We believe a small action each day can become a trigger for setting a more positive mindset. Posisocks are comfy and cool socks (well we like to think so) with a positive message that triggers positive thinking – win the morning, win the day!

The PosiSchools’ Posisocks are a limited edition version of Posisocks, exclusive only to our PosiSchools participants. 

There are two sock styles that your school can choose from. Every student participating will receive a pair of socks, with key days throughout the 21 day program where we encourage your school to wear the socks as one.

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